About Greenland Capital Properties

Greenland Capital Properties offers a complete portfolio of real estate services, including sales and leasing of Commercial and Residential properties, Investment sales and acquisitions, Project sales and marketing, Property consultancy & Mortgage services.

Greenland Capital Properties also advises individuals and corporates on growth strategies and real estate investment opportunities in current and new markets.

Greenland Capital Properties provides a level of personalized and professional Real Estate Advisory services unmatched by larger real estate firms.

About GreenOne Commercial Brokers LLC

GreenOne holds expertise in the field of real estate and its transactions. We assist clients with the purchase, sale or lease of commercial properties that will be used for business purposes. Representing either a buyer, seller or tenant a broker serves as a mediator between parties, ensuring that their client receives the best terms, conditions, and value on their investment transaction.


Assisting the clients in finding and purchasing commercial real estate properties, including performing an exhaustive search to find any and all appropriate properties and negotiating optimal purchase price and terms for our client.


GreenOne assists clients in selling commercial entities (Commercial assets, Industries, real estate assets etc), by performing extensive market analysis to set an optimal listing price, executing advanced marketing tactics to find qualified buyers and negotiating sale terms for the highest return.

Chairman’s Message

Faisal Al Maazmi


Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the world’s most dynamic economies, our growth strategy is primarily focused on the Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets, where we see strong macro-economic drivers and significant untapped opportunities.

UAE has been blessed with visionary leaders, and has seen an unparalleled growth in size, population, and modern infrastructure over the last four decades, and has become the undisputed hub of Business and High Technology in the Middle East. Experts forecast that this growth to increase exponentially, with the Dubai Leadership focusing on Tourism, local industry, the Media and Communication Industry.

Today, with the development of the real estate market and the development of investment thought and the diversity of activities within the real estate industry, it is imperative for the investor in this sector to realize the importance of specialization and work on a clear vision and objectives to achieve success.

We at the GreenLand Capital Properties are well positioned to become a major player in the growth of Dubai, and a major player in the Middle East Real Estate & Commercial trading businesses. We are constantly looking at opportunities for growth, and at investing in activities that add value to our Investors, Customers, Partners and Employees.